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Taurine 1000
Taurine 1000
Taurine 1000
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Taurine 1000

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Product Description

Family friendly amino acid

Taurine is a truly family-friendly amino acid, needed by everyone, because it is necessary for overall health. In times of stress and anxiety, Taurine is reduced in your body, and when your Taurine level is low your chemical sensitivity rises.

Taurine supports a healthy heartbeat and eyesight, as well as supporting normal electrical firing of cell membranes in the brain and nervous system.

Taurine is especially crucial when it comes to eye health. Adequate levels can help prevent age-related vision loss. Conversely, a deficiency can lead to troubling vision problems. While Taurine is found in very high concentrations in the retina, it declines significantly with age. Evidence is strong that Taurine is vital in maintaining optimal retinal function.

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Boosts brain cell regeneration

Taurine boosts brain cell regeneration and is essential in the transmission of nerve impulses. Taurine is the most prominent amino acid in the heart, playing a role in smooth heart rhythm and heart muscle contractility.

  • Women require more Taurine than men
  • The need for Taurine increases during periods of illness, stress, anxiety, grief, or depression
  • Low levels of Taurine add to chemical sensitivity and decrease the body’s ability to detoxify chemicals
  • Low Taurine levels are often seen with retinal and eye degeneration
  • Taurine is important in vegetarian women who intend to bear children

Pets need Taurine too!

Commercial dog food is often lacking in Taurine. Older dogs who are low in Taurine often look like they have cataracts.

1000 mg | 100 Capsules

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